Here are the answers to last week’s questions…

What is candling and why is it important to candle eggs?

Candling is the process of shining a light thru the egg to view the development of the embryo.  It is important to candle your eggs so you can keep the viable eggs in your incubator and discover any eggs that are not developing.

Can you make your own candler for the eggs and what materials can you use?

You can make your own candler with a flashlight and a shoebox with a hole cut in the bottom.  Just put the flashlight shining up through the hole and set the egg on the hole.

What is an egg turner and why do we use one?

An egg turner is piece of equipment that inserts into the incubator.  It gently and slowly turns the eggs for you during the day.  This turner keeps the embryo from getting stuck on one side of the egg or the other.  A duck that sits on her eggs will turn them in order to keep this from happening.

What should you do if you don’t have an egg turner?

If you don’t have an egg turner, you can be the egg turner.  You can turn the eggs an odd number of times per day, so that the eggs do not lay on the same side overnight.

What is the name of a group of hatching eggs laid by a duck and how long does it take the duck to lay the eggs for hatching?

A group of hatching eggs is called a clutch.  A duck lays one egg per day and there are about 12-15 eggs in a clutch…so it takes her about 12-15 days to lay all of the eggs.