Here are some ways that your family or your child can be involved in our Ancona Duck Project!

Our Blog Page

We encourage you to visit our blog to stay in touch with the progress of our project.  This blog site is the easiest way to stay connected and be involved in our project, so we hope you visit often!

Each Friday, we will post questions, which will be points of discussion at Loving Arms the following week.  We would love to hear your feedback on the questions each week and hope that your family will enjoy doing some research of your own with our blog questions.  At the end of each week, we will post answers to the questions and an update on our project, as well as new questions for the weekend.


Project Board

Our project board at Loving Arms will track the progress of our Ancona ducks.  Please
visit the board often to view the results of our research and the upcoming
events of our project.   We will also provide a timeline on the board for you to view.
The timeline is important, as it will highlight specials days, such as the growth and progress days for checking our eggs.  You can participate by checking our project
board during these times to see how our eggs are developing and discussing the
event with your children.


Research and Discovery

The school-age children have the opportunity to do research throughout the week.  The research will support our project and provide us with information as we make  decisions on the next steps of our project.  The research and discovery portion of our program is very important to the success of our project and we hope that your child will be interested in participating in this area.



The children will have many opporutnities to take pictures as our project progress.  As we acquire photographs of our project, we will begin to assemble a photo book that will track our progress and success.  We hope your child will enjoy participating in this project.



Each week, we will create many pages for our Ebook on Ancona ducks.  Your child will have an opportunity to write and draw for our Ebook, which will be available to families at the end of project.


These are just a few of the many ways that you can get involved.  We will add ideas for your family as we move forward with our project.