Welcome to the Ancona Duck Project!  We are so excited about our new project and know that the children at Loving Arms will enjoy all of the activities over the
next few weeks.

Here’s a little bit of information about our project…

Last year at Loving Arms, we raised 3 ducklings from a day old and watched them grow up to become beautiful ducks.  We raised 2 Swedish ducks and 1 Pekin
duck.  We enjoyed our time with the ducks last year, so this year we decided to try another duck project.  But…we are taking it a few steps further and
introducing a new duck to the children at Loving Arms.

The Ancona duck will be the spotlight of our project this year.  We will be hatching Ancona duck eggs and donating the ducklings to Kendall County 4-H programs.  We have chosen the Ancona ducks for many of the reasons listed below:


The Ancona duck is a very special duck in that it is docile and gentle, which makes it an excellent species of duck for projects with children.

Foraging and Usefulness

Ancona ducks are great for the environment.  They “out-forage” chickens in their daily consumption of bugs, making them excellent exterminators of mosquitos, ticks, asian beetles, fleas, and other harmful pests.  Ancona ducks love to swim and can maintain a pond by cleaning out the bad vegetation to create a healthier environment for fish and other wildlife.  The Ancona duck is a superb layer of eggs, laying 250-340 eggs per year!!  These traits make Ancona ducks an excellent addition to any farm or 4-H project.

Most Important

We do love the Ancona duck for all of these traits, but we have especially chosen the Ancona duck because it is listed as “critically endangered”, according to the American Livestock Breed Conservatory.  Through our Ancona duck project, we want to be a voice for the Ancona duck and bring awareness of the Ancona duck to the people of Kendall County, Illinois.


If you are intersted in our project, please read our blog posts to find out how you can get involved!  We’d love to hear from you, so join in on the fun…quack, quack!